Get Rid of Negative Thoughts by John Scriven
Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

15 Proven Ways to Unleash the Power of Positive Thinking

Here’s a book that will show you how to eliminate negative thinking from your life! Get Rid of Negative Thoughts characterizes destructive, limiting thoughts as Mind Gremlins. These mind-wrecking mischief-makers induce useless thoughts such as guilt, resentment, blame, anger, doubt, and fear. They encourage self-criticism, undermine your confidence and hold you back.


With Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts, John Scriven has created a blueprint for changing the way you think with a series of simple techniques. This book is entertaining, and full of valuable insights. Take control of your life by silencing the constant clamor of restrictive thoughts that a negative inner dialogue creates.

Boost Your Self Confidence by John Scriven
Boost Your Self Confidence

12 Keys to Building Greater Self Belief and Self Esteem

To achieve high levels of self confidence, self belief and self esteem, you must first learn to live authentically and be true to who you are at your core: The real you. As long as you’re driven by the mistaken identities that other people want or need you to take on, your true abilities and talents will remain latent and you won’t flourish to the fullest extent possible. This book will enable you to avoid those pitfalls.

With Boost Your Self Confidence, John Scriven provides a set of life-changing tools consisting of practical, proven methods for personal growth, not just philosophical advice. He will show you 12 easy-to-use ways to reach the full potential you've always possessed. 

Everyday Peace of Mind by John Scriven
Everyday Peace of Mind

How to Find Inner Peace and Freedom from Stress

Imagine how much easier life would be if you could relax at will and stay calm in stressful situations. Think how good you would feel if you could let go of emotional pain and bring peace and harmony into all of your relationships. This insightful book will show you how to do all that and more. 

The human mind can be a tumultuous, churning, generator of stress, which is usually the result of how we process events and relationships in our lives. Everyday Peace of Mind provides proven techniques that will help you to overcome stress and anxiety, and relax in any situation.

Tales From Wurryland by John Scriven
Tales From Wurryland

How to Stop Worrying and go with the Flow of Life

This entertaining and informative book features stories from the trenches about real people who faced real worries. By reading about how they dealt with their problems, you’ll learn what works and what doesn't. 

If you suffer from stress, anxiety, and worry, this book will help you to overcome these crippling emotions by providing practical, proven techniques that alleviate the debilitating power of negative thought patterns.

12 Keys to Building a Successful Small Business by John Scriven
12 Keys to Building a Successful Small Business

How to Become an Entrepreneur and Develop a Profitable Business

To succeed in building a small business you have be entrepreneurial. 12 Keys To Building a Successful Small Busines will show you how. The starting point for success in any kind of business is to think and act like a successful entrepreneur so that you emulate the qualities that have taken other business people to the top. 

12 Keys To Building a Successful Small Business describes the traits, skills, characteristics, and attitudes that make entrepreneurs successful. Anyone with ambition and a passion for business can develop those traits and transform themselves into a successful business owner.